New Year Doodle Stretch

What process do you use to start your 150 word challenge?

I usually start by heading to my sidebar with the widget for #modigiwri participants so I can read and comment on their wonderful words to get an inspiration if I don’t have one already.

Today I got as far as Anna’s awesome post about


She has three excellent resources for the year’s review to get focused on the new year. She asks

What reviews have you found insightful and productive?

And that took me doodling, because although I don’t have a “review” article, but my Doodle Institute mentor, Diane Bleck, has created a free workshop on creating a vision board for 2019, which includes a doodle review of your 2018 events and your values which leads to creating a doodled vision board for yourself to keep a focus for the new year. And so I worked on my vision.

Here’s my event review without color:

Diane offers a free download of a list of values — and add your own [I did] to sort through– down to twenty. From there, choose five and then create a doodle for each.

Here’s part of my process [I did it in Sketchbook Pro– not on paper].

I haven’t chosen my one word yet– still thinking on that, but I did create my vision board in Sketchbook Pro– that’s it at the top of the post. It stands for working in kindness and acceptance through truth and authenticity in a world of equity and justice for all so we can all be creative in our wondering. I will probably write more about this later.

But Anna asked for a review– and this is mine.

I’m ordering an art board from Red Bubble: to keep my vision in front of me during the year.

Now to get caught up on my reading…. except it’s time to get ready for New Year’s Eve!

WC 323

Day 10

About #MoDigiWri

This post is an invitation and a response to Anna’s Challenge invitation: More MoDigiwri! [More Digital Writing]

And here’s the challenge:

So, we’re inviting you to engage in a combo of these two challenges, writing digitally every day to jump start your writing… and sharing and responding to others who are doing the same!

The writing can be about anything and come in any formUse the hashtag #modigiwri if you want to help people find your posts!


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    • Hi Anna! Hope you share your vision board. I enjoyed this process and am thankful to my connection with Diane Bleck; I’ve learned much about doodling from her.

      Thanks for pointing out that I have missed Terry’s blog in the widget; I’d thought I’d added it. And if you need a blogging idea, check out one of Terry’s first posts: The Sunshine Elevens; it’s got suggestions– and is filled with wonderful anecdotes and life truths.

      Your new year will be exciting as you watch your new little one grow and learn!

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