To Become Themselves

I have a new kitty; she’s very small so we named her Itty Bitty, knowing full well that she will grow, but still amazed that such a small thing can be wandering on its own alone.

She’s about four months old now and still small – a blur of fur when she’s flying around the house and a furry purr when she wants to cuddle. We’ve loved watching her learn and grown — still today not realizing her tail is hers and being curious at anything that moves.


Ever curious.

The other day as I held her, amazed at how much she’s grown and learned, I realized that I was loving this so much because my own children are adults and most of our grandchildren are as well, but for those still in middle and high school, far away.  I missed those days of creating a safe space for the toddlers to explore and learn and grow, watching them grow into who they are today, to become themselves.

Moments later the mail arrived with these:

Our oldest granddaughter and her husband announced the awesome news with this set of mugs. She texted, “and soon you’ll get to hold an itty bitty baby person too!”

And she will be able to help the itty bitty person become themselves too.

Turn around…. Kenny Loggins

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Day 9

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