Dots, Lines, Networks

We are dots in the universe

forging forward in our own timelines

networked in our feelings, ideas, caring,

adding value in adjacent possibilities

to our human world.

As I read Sarah’s post on Dots and Code, I was reminded of the dots of CLmooc in 2013 [above] which represented, to me, our uniqueness joined in a connected world. Sarah’s post extended the ideas about “hidden” writing in Wendy’s post on code.

Wendy’s poem suggested our code is

“luminous To those that know”

and Sarah asked,

“Is the underlying structure of our thought really dots?”

And to me, I see us as dots in time, always moving forward in our own timelines; dots that spark with our own truths, and when we choose to connect, we spark progress in patterns of new possibilities, illuminating our truths together. By sharing, we include others with what we know, and add to our own, luminous dots.

We connect to learn, to exist, and to be happy. We learners struggle with those who chose a different, degraded path of harm and disinformation. We choose to be the illuminators, adding positive value to the world. Thank you for that.

So, to add another bit of dot to dot to dot, with a nod also to Terry Elliot’s adjacent possibilities and Kevin’s ever-uplifting music and poetry, — enjoy:

May the force of our dots better the world!

WC 229

About Connected Learning

An old post by Jackie Gerstein about Connected Learning

and also at Educator Innovator here.

Poetry and video by Sheri

Connected Learning Image:

CLmooc Dots from the 2013 Making Learning Connected Mooc: Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration, a history of by Karen Fasimpaur here.

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  1. A bit inchoate in my response, but I am drawn by how metaphor controls thinking. Be they “dots and lines and arrows” or Venn diagrams overlapping and sharing, they all are approximations with a set of distortions and blindspots that take time to become woke to. I have writter a post in response. I fear it will muddy the waters, but they were already muddy to start with, so…
    Thanks for thinking about this and for giving us all a touchstone to leap toward and them from. Here is the link to my post:

  2. Pure loveliness … watching the dots find their space … and making dots on the world … reminded of Peter Reynolds “The Dot” again, which comes at the concept from another angle (we are all artists) but still resonates here..

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