#clmooc Starts Monday June 16

It’s Monday (or almost) and time to play! Build your personal learning network. Lurk and learn from others who are creating and making. Join in and make yourself or make together. Share and use ideas in the Make Bank. Read Continue reading #clmooc Starts Monday June 16

In Real Time Data Moves Forward Add Yours with #clmooc

In Real Time: Click to see data move forward this second… Click the animation to open the full version (via PennyStocks.la). [Sources at bottom of linked page.] What do we do with so much data?  Make sense of it, and Continue reading In Real Time Data Moves Forward Add Yours with #clmooc

#teachtheweb Connected Learning

Open. Connect. Learn. In #teachtheweb Explore Course, my first make is to explain “What is connected learning?” Thanks to FuzzyFox’s work which I remixed. I thought and wondered what in a few words could connected learning mean? What image [left] Continue reading #teachtheweb Connected Learning

Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp

“Writing is hard fun.” Donald Murray Throughout the last century, writing instruction has evolved from basic handwriting to five-paragraph-essays to writing workshop to writing process to digital writing with media. Writing teachers build on the work of James Moffett, Jerome Continue reading Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp