Warm Wishes with Irish Blessings

Today is Christmas Eve, a Christian holiday. For me it is a time to reflect on the year and to encourage a focus on peace and joy in the world. No matter what religion [or not], I send you warmest wishes for the holidays and throughout the year, with a hopeful wish for peace.

I created this doodle to express that hope for us on this planet, and included in it one of my favorite Irish blessings:

May you always find three welcomes:

In a garden in the summer,

At a fireside during winter,

and whatever the day or season,

In the kind eyes of a friend.

And in the hopes that through blogging and other online connections, that we turn to accept and encourage and share the positives, learning to accept each other, to live and let live.

So, I’ve adapted another Irish blessing to all:

May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.

May the soft winds freshen your spirit.

May the sunshine brighten your heart.

May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.

And the thoughts from others confirm that you are loved


Note: I was helped with this blog by Itty, the tiny kitty. And, in case you’ve not checked Santa’s journey, here’s the link to NORAD’s Santa Tracker.


What is your hope for the world, and your favorite greeting?

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Art and photos by Sheri

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