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Walking Shoes

Moccasins Take a Walk

Tall old-growth Douglas Fir tower

over us

a canopy six hundred years old filters

warm sunlight

Where once did moccasins walk

in meadows

where pine cones dropped

sprouting seeds

spreading roots that nature nourishes

over time

into this majestic timber standing

as we remember

that times pass and our moment waits

not at all

then, as now, the raspberries sparkle red

of berries

and darting here and there dragonfly dances,

daring us

to hold onto this living history and imagine

a world

in all its differences, made glorious and nurtured

by us

a people of one planet, together standing,


all that has passed so we a better world create

as over us

Tall old-growth Douglas Fir tower.

Every time I stand beneath the old-growth forests, I am in awe of all that has passed as these pillars of history grew, watching the animals and people pass, and always nurturing the area around them.

These Douglas Fir of Rockport State Park, WA sprouted just as the Gutenberg Press was invented, an invention that changed the way the world learns. How will we affect the world? Could we do better? Every trip into nature, whether a walk around the block or a hike on the trails in a park reminds me of the beauty we need to preserve — in nature and in ourselves. We can nurture the area around us, connect with the people in our communities and those in charge of our parks and build our communities by helping our parks and natural areas.

Want to know where old growth forests exist in your area? Check out this Wikipedia article in locations. For more information about the parks in the North Cascade National Park, visit NCNP website and wikipedia. And check out the trails in Rockport State Park.

And as you think about  history,  remember that the only people older than Grandfather Tree are Grandfather Rock.

And that’s another story in the meadow where


take a walk.



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Photos and Poetry by Sheri Edwards

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Rockport State Park, WA

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