WriteOut CLmooc Compass


#writeout compass 17

North, East
South, West;
Sun, Moon
Earth, Air;
Energy, Weather,
Ocean, Elements;
Life, Water,
Nutrients, Plants;
Round we go
Determined we seek
Many choices;
Many ways;
Our Earth

I write science fantasy. I believe in fairies. I’ve seen them sparkle in a dance in the shadows of my sycamore; I know they hide in the frosty tips of evergreens in the canyon. So when I think of a compass, it’s findings and search are for so much more than cardinal directions:

Fire, Wind, Water, Earth.

Sun, Moon, Earth, Air.

Warmth, Hydration, Sustenance, Shelter.

Friend, Elder, Enemy, Totem.

Joy, Determination, Steadfastness, Contemplation.


Each being should have their own compass as a guide when life just seems not quite right.

Just imagine.

Goat Island, WA in Puget Sound near La Connor, WA

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