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Where Am I

Online, I have connections: a neighborhood [or several] in which I can visit, share, collaborate, and celebrate with people all over the world. It’s easiest to find my friends, my PLN [personal learning network] on Twitter, especially at #clmooc, #etmooc, #doodleinstitute, and recently #blogamonth and #cccwrite. I participate in only 2 small groups on Facebook, which is my least favorite online space. Google Plus, Twitter, and blogs connect most of my “people.”

In my map, a watercolor wash of purple and purple lettering, shows where the main parts of my online life exists: connections for people with similar interests in writing, teaching, learning, calligraphy, art, doodling. Although retired after 31 years of teaching, mostly to amazing middle school language arts students, I still appreciate the learning and collaborating with educators. I even work a little, mentoring newbies in teaching with technology and blogging [See Jennifer Gonzalaz’s JumpStart for Tech], which keeps me online daily.

News and shopping of course take up a small portion of my internet wanderings.

And the family iMessage chat is forever chiming in, keeping our geographically apart family together.

A New Neighborhood

And yesterday, Kevin Hodgson tweeted to #clmooc about #netnarr, which I have seen him post frequently about last year. His reflection and invitation in his blog: Clicking the Restart Button  shares some of his work — which will make you want to join in the #netnarr adventure as well.

NetNarr is this interesting course — which invites you to join too! — with Digital Alchemy and unicorns. Since my heritage includes fairies, anyplace with unicorns draws my attention. And the openness is like #clmooc – just jump in as you can, and learn with the students.

Meadow Fairy

Today, this tweet offered more information

So through my PLN, I will occasionally add to my understanding of this digital world as I mix a few bits and bytes with the #netnarr neighborhood.

You’re invited too! Join here and you can find and map where you are in the “internet” too.

Where are you?

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