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#nablopomo #nablopomoed  Blog A Day  18 The best part of teaching is…


…seeing not just the light bulb turn on, but watching the students twist it in and turn it on themselves. The best part is when the students initiate a project or idea to show their learning, when they ask such things as, “Could I create a comic of characters from the story and how they treated each other to show a theme?”

Oh yes! Show what know and are able to do in your way.


And then, when they say, “Could I create a comic of how we should care for each other, and what to do when we meet some one with disabilities?”

Oh yes! Extend the learning, share it with others, and show others how you did it — the creation and the thinking.

If only our days allowed us the privilege of extensions and of creative learning.

So the best part of teaching, is inspiring.

How do you inspire?