Antarctica News 1

We are fortunate to have the inside scoop on a Jeff Bowman’s research expedition to Antarctica.

What does Antarctica look like? What lives there? Look at these from National Geographic:



Doesn’t this look like a desert ice fern?

Frost flowers? Take a look at these frost flowers from the Arctic and now look at the frost flower sample taken by the Jeff Bowman team in Antarctica here. In 2009, Jeff collected samples from the Arctic (image).

Is there life in these “petals?” What do you think?


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  1. I think no because they don’t do any thing but fall from the sky and they turn into water or maybe even some people eat them because they always do. So why would snowflakes have life if they just melt or just get eating.

  2. No I actually don’t think that there is life on these petals Why? Well I don’t think that there is life on these petals. The reason why I don’t thin that there is life on these petals is becaus eit seems like IF there was something on them they would really cold. Mostly because the petals look so small that it could possibly have anything on them. (:

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