#clmooc Light Connections

   What could we do for Light? How about neon poetry?  Ask, and the challenge is accepted . That is the spirit of #clmooc    Here is our finished collaboration with poets Sheri Edwards Kevin Hodgson Susan Watson Terry Elliott Continue reading #clmooc Light Connections

#clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

  Chief Astronaut: Kevin Hodgson In Week 5, our challenge was light. How do we make and write with light? Under the inspiration of Kevin Hodgson , we were invited to remake the night sky with our own constellations and stories. Continue reading #clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

#clmooc #light Like Dandelions

Kim Douillard’s Sunshine on a Stem Yes, I love these words, so powerful in their simplicity and wish. Interestingly, Kim doubted her metaphor, and shared it out to us for comment. When I read her post, I smiled, knowing that Continue reading #clmooc #light Like Dandelions