Dark is the universe

Dark is our world

The entire earth

in a black death

the yang

to our previous yin

I guess;

yet, we still love

sharing sparks of shining

bright bits of who we are

a mostly caring race


the flowers

still bloom.


In these dark times, I listen for the bright times, I remember the love in my family and friends, I find the sparks of humanity that strive to make it better, and enjoy the beauty that is around us. I hold each of these close to punch through the darkness and know that we are all in this together, helping and holding the future in mind and heart.

Like Mr Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.”

Prompt: In sad times, we find hope. What is your hope and how do you discover it?

This post is a Slice of My Life, part of a March Slice of Life by The Two Writing Teachers with tweets at #sol20.
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