WriteOut Smile Path

A Smile Path

A Smile Path is one of the curves around something in the way– a detour around some small impediment. Here, our usual path is up the stairs and into Cole Park, but today, after acknowledging the beautiful mule deer napping in the dappled sunlight this particular afternoon, we turned left to go around, to allow her the place she claimed today, which we witnessed, and walked another way.

Today’s WriteOut Daily Create was to share a “smile path.” #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3932 #writeout I found this one from our photos– and it’s a frequent one. We tend to let the deer nap or munch wherever we find them on our walks; we can mosey another path.

Smile Path

Up ahead, she lay
a nap from afternoon sun
beside our usual path
up the rock stairs

Off to the left, we turn
smiling as we go
for the moment shared
with the brown eyes of a doe

Back my head turns
a photo of her to snap
glad to let her be, and we
smile on our “smile path.”

Sheri Edwards
10.19.22 294.365.22

Your Turn

What puddle or creature or obstacle cause you to create or follow a “smile path?”

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