Song Inspiration: Endless Streams

Writing Inspiration

Today the Daily Create led me to one of my favorite songs: Across the Universe by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I entered some of the lyrics to generate AI created art. 

I just like singing that song when the world seems to be overtaking a path of peace. It’s like a prayer to hold on and keep moving forward the idea of a loving and caring world — we can do it— it’s a mantra over evil. To me, anyway. You can read an annotated version of the lyrics at Genius. Did you know that in 2008, NASA streamed the song into space, to the North Star? Read about that here.

Words are flowing out
like endless rain
into a paper cup

Pools of sorrow,
waves of joy
are drifting
through my opened mind

ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3757 AI Art

Lyrics from:
Across the Universe
John Lennon / Paul McCartney

Writing Process

So I wondered if I could write my own verse— about the all the streams of information bombarding us, much with misinformation and disinformation. We must sift through the information to find the relevance and the truth of it. I say “we must” because many of the richest and most powerful among us are spreading and creating lies to keep their power. So we need to hold onto that which is true, that sustains us, comforts us, and propels us to act when needed to support, in love of humanity, the rights of all of us, even those who strive to deny many of their rights. It’s a confusing and chaotic time. How could I write that? 

Here’s how I thought it through— using a backdrop of my bookcase and my coffee— the sources of my own thoughts, places where I ponder my own truths that also connect me to those who have gone before and protected my rights, our rights.  I considered the images of the original lyrics which brought me to my photo where I could derive my own words that match the phrasing/syllables of the original.

I struggled with finding the words “controlling and consoling us”. In the middle column you see. The words I considered— and looked through many different synonyms and rhyming words to find the two whose meaning and sound best represented my idea that what we put into our minds controls us— advises us, leads us to who we are—-and then comforts us, consoles us as we struggle to live those values and beliefs each day.


see larger version at teach.eagle Sheri42 on Flickr

Endless Streams

Lives are holding on
to endless streams
that fill the filtered shelves

We linger hoping love will lift us all to foster amity

Words of wisdom,
lines of hope
are weaving
through chaotic times

Controlling and consoling us

Oh living loving on

Loving’s gonna save our world

Sheri Edwards
042622 117.365.22

Your Turn

What song lifts your spirits? Write the lyrics and highlight the parts that speak to you. What’s the message? What message could you add with your own words? Consider the rhythm and flow of the original and see if you can add a new message with your own lyrics.