Apricot Canopy

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Writing Inspiration

Yesterday on our walk we were graced with the lovely apricot blossoms of our neighbor’s tree— the first of the fruit trees to blossom each year. Its delight brought visions of what was [winter’s grey] and what will be [yummy fruit]. And that would be the topic for today.

Writing Process

Just a short bit to describe the changes from the grey of winter to the orange of summer, the delightful hope of renewal. I remembered the winter trees reaching for the sky and that become the start of the haiku. From there my word choice searched for the right word for blossom’s essence: revive— which would include the long “i” to match with “skies.” Then each word fit for more description and sound to lead from the stark cold of winter to the delight of spring blossoms to summer’s orange— the color and season words. A bit of my thinking:


Apricot Canopy

Oh the grey behind crossed strips stretching from the ground to the sky is gone, as the apricot blossoms burst into white aromatic petals announcing, “Spring is here. Spring is here,” creating a floral archway to welcome others into the magical world of rebirth and the hope for tomorrow’s delicious harvest of orange.

Winter trees reach grey
skies so spring blossoms revive
an apricot’s orange.

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

Seasons are fun to write about— no matter where a person lives— there’s some change that can be seen and felt. I just happened to have pictures of winter, spring, and summer to illustrate the change.

Take a look through your own photos during the year. What changes do you notice in the types of pictures you’ve taken. Inside, outside, sports, foliage, holidays.

Find three of interest that show a change. Write a sentence or two for each— sentences that includes color, season, object or action.

Highlight the key words.

Choose two key words from each image and use those to write your poem, adding in words with particular sounds or descriptions that help show the change and that help the words flow.

What did you discover? What did you change? Is it ready to share?