Slice of Life Dreams in Two Voices

Writing Inspiration

Today, my friend Terry Elliott posted a poem, a dialogue about who we are— where the “I, Me” derived, perhaps from the dreams of what is around us, like your books and readings

Terry’s writing always makes me think, to consider things in new light, and that in itself is rather a reflection on how people grow to be— a sum of many parts and influences. It’s good to sort out who we are and who we want to be, and to consider HOW we came to be in the person we are now. And so I responded with parts of his poem, and a bit of my ideas about “my dreams” and, indeed, how I became “me,” an extension, a connection, and a remix with my friend. It’s important to remember: we get to choose who we are.

Writing Process

I read over the poem and let the words sink in, choose ones for which I could add a bit in ways that explained my thoughts. I found a spots where I could add, in a poem of our two voices:

  • We are influenced, and we can choose
  • We need to share and express to pass on what’s good, lest we lose sight of their importance
  • We remix, swirl what comes at us to make—
  • Mine, our own

I know that Terry owns his own acreage and farm “in the ‘hollar.’” So I found a bit of lavender art and photograph, a favorite of mine that grows in my little garden, a little growing connection to his special, living place on our planet. And that helped me bring in “bouquet” “blossoms” “seeds” and even “dust” for my part of a two-voice poem.

I appreciate that Terry and I connect through a group, CLmooc, who love the openness, connectedness, and remixable collaboration of the internet. And so I felt comfortable in this remix, thankful for Terry’s inspiration, and hopeful that he accepts my honoring of his words in my remix. That’s an important aspect of how we interact with others’ work— whether the original artist is open to remix or diligent about copyright. So, beware of that when considering a connection like this on your own.


Dreams in Two Voices

Terry Elliott”
~Sheri Edwards~

What else do you observe?
I see those dreams.
They are all the books
on my shelves,
on my desk,
always front and center
in front of me,
from my own dreams…

~A bouquet of beliefs,
some held, others
discarded: a choice
for my own dreams
to bloom

“it needs me
to live…

~Lest they fade
In ever-yellowing
as dust
whisked away
with the wind

find an eddy somewhere
and a sandbank
to drag my undreaming self upon…

~To swirl the
spirits and let sprout

but new ones this time.
And mine

~and mine.~

remix of Terry Elliott poem by Sheri Edwards
031922 078.365.22

Your Turn

Find a friend open to collaboration. Choose a piece of writing, one from each of you. Spend some time talking about what each piece “reads” from each one’s perspective. See where your own voices fit into your friend’s work, and s/he with yours. Or, write a piece together, something new, with two voices, two perspectives or responses.

Thank you

Thank you to my friend Terry Elliott and his invitation with his posted poem. A great way to spend my morning, in tune and in bloom with your thoughts.


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