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Today the grey skies bring dreams of sunny spring days and the hope for mending the frayed edges of connections with one another as outdoor venues provide chances for safer gatherings. And, hopefully, for time to mend the rift in our world community. Spring is a time of renewal for all things and beings.

Writing Process

I thought of the ways of spring— how the warmth seems to pull or nudge the new growth of spring and it’s colors that will shape the summer later. And how these colors, these buds of spring ring in the time of spring work in the fields and the gathering of people for sharing and renewing friendships, and hopefully, renewing the conversations needed for peace among nations. I opted for the short haiku form, because it creates that initial image of the colors and then turns in the last line to the idea of renewal, mending, and getting to work together. Do you see it in these few words?



Soon the warmth will nudge
spring white and red out to call
“time to mend and till.”

Sheri Edwards
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How does the change of seasons help us to look forward? Whether it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere or spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the change of season brings a change in our habits and things to do. For me, I found solace in the spring buds and renewal as a hope for peace in the world. What does the change mean for you— in terms of what we can see, what we feel, and what we hope for?


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