Slice of Life The Sun Shines Through

Sunflowers Deer Park

The Day

Today the sun shone brightly all day as we read through the day, which is our Sunday, our day of rest. Our walk took us to the park where the evening sun peeked, still, over the edge of the hills surrounding our little town. I’m listening to the John Grisham novel, The Judges List. The laundry can wait until tomorrow. And now, it’s time to write.

Writing Tips

Thinking Through, Gathering Thoughts, Filtering Photos

Relaxed, I gazed out the window towards the sun’s line on the hill across the way— where the sunshine lifts and evening’s shadow rises beneath, drawing a line across the hillside across the river. I am glad for the spring sun shining through longer each day. I wondered about how the sun shines through in Ukraine, in their war.

I searched for sunflowers again in my photo album to consider how I could again write in their support, a way to spread hope. I found and studied a lovely sunflower photo from our neighbor’s yard from 2019, and I noticed how the sun shone through the bright yellow petals. I kept this in my mind—- the sun shining through— where else does the sun shine through unexpectedly? After a storm? In the late morning fog? And that became my poem with the repeating line: the sun shines through.

Let’s review this process today:

To write, settle in with the day, accepting what is. Wonder a bit and search through photos.

If you have none of your own, Edublogs helps:

Use keywords to find images related to what you wonder about. I searched my own Google photos for “sunflower” and choose one with details, in this case one with the sun shining brightly.

Compare your keywords and your image to other possible connections. In my case, the sun shining through.

Use that connection as the focus and perhaps a repeating line to write your poem.


Sun Shines Through

Look up with the sunflower
The sun shines through
Look up through the storm’s end
The sun shines through
Look up through the late morning fog
The sun shines through
Look up through the mist of war
The sun shines through
Look up to tomorrow
The sun shines through

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