Many Portals #WriteOut

Many Portals of Participation

You may be wondering how to participate in  #writeout from the National Writing Project / National Park Service two week celebration of parks and the outdoors. Click the links for many ways — different “portals” to the magic of the outdoors.

No matter your situation or classroom, there’s a connection to the beauty and lessons from nature, which our parks preserve for us to enjoy and for which we can write and share with others. Just choose one and adapt it to your own situation.

An Example

For example, during October, I begin to consider my next story for NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month [also for young writers]. So when I found the Daily Spark from Park Rangers Alanna and Socorro from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, I enjoyed their suggestion as one for my novel preparation. They asked: “Create a story about someone (could be you) who passes through an imaginary portal in the park. Where would this magic door lead?” 

I began to consider an idea:

After the plague during climate changes, the people built communities of self-sustaining family complexes in the mountains to help one another survive and to keep alive the stories and struggles and solutions.

So take a look at the featured image above and then step onto the red path for this short walk through my magical portal to your new home in the far future, a magical one with dragon dust…

Ahead stood our home in the upper meadow at the edge of the forest, hemmed in window balconies flowing in flowers and vegetables, a roof serving as a community garden, and the yellow stucco gleaming like a shining star, or, perhaps, Willow thought, like a dragon’s eyes.

I’m still preparing to write the story, but if you’d like some inspiration for the portal you’ll open, press this button to more “Daily Sparks!

Now find a portal in the activities
to fit you and share your inspiration…

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