Write Out for October 2021

Get Ready

It’s almost time for #writeout — the fourth year of writing in the outdoors sponsored annually by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service.

This year’s theme is Palettes, Storyboards, and Cadences during the two weeks of October 10-24, 2021, designed to coincide with the National Day of Writing on October 20th.

What is Write Out?

Visit the website to learn how to sign up and join in the activities and writing about the beauty in your own neighborhood, be it rural, urban, a window garden, walking the dog, or visiting a park or arboretum. Discover what fits your schedule — and create your own activities. According to the website, Write Out is:

Write Out encourages all participants to get outdoors, write, create, reflect, share, and connect with one another on and offline. To support participation, Write Out will gather together writing/making prompts, activities, and events to  support work in the classroom, in a park and/or at home with your family. Your time commitment and level of participation in Write Out is flexible; you can use any of the content created in your own way, at your own pace, for and with  your own community – you are also welcome to create your own! [from the website]

What could you write?

First, check out the ideas as the WriteOut posts them on the themed pages here.

How about after a quick walk about your area,

What hashtags?

Share to #writeout and any that apply to the theme:







Remember: Just get outside Enjoy, and Reflect

It’s a two-week adventure you can chose– just get outside, enjoy, and reflect on the wonders of our world, right in our own backyards, local parks, and our communities and neighborhoods.