WriteOut WOW

A Sunday prompt about the women who went to work when the men went to war.  Be sure to read the information and think how much that need has affected our society.

Here is a response from last year by Kevin:

How do I think they felt?

I think the world for them felt as if the future were a blur, like a blizzard ahead– unknown and cold, worried and fearful.

However, step by step, each day gave confidence of getting through it, though difficult. Because the women stepped up to the need, the children stepped up at home. And, though stressed and overworked and underpaid, the women still had home and children to care for, to uplift, to show hope.

Everyone pitched in together, stressed, sometimes angry, but the path was set and the work must be done in order for the men to come back home.

Rather like we feel today with the Covid crisis– worried about the unknown, but step by step, doing what we can to help each other. No matter where each of is on the political storm, when our neighbors need help– we step up, just like women have always done.

And because they could do the work then, they could feel that power of “I can keep doing this. I can move the world. I am woman.” And they did keep moving the world forward even after the war.

And like then, we uplift, we bring hope, we dance. All of us, men and women alike. Because hope is what keeps us alive and moving forward.

They did it then, and we can do it now– and celebrate each success and each day.