A Blogging Journey

Still Learning

This summer I’m measuring my blogging knowledge, adding in some new ingredients — such as creating a network of bloggers using InoReader. My learning will be practiced and documented on a Blogger site: Sheri42.org. This is a cross-post to share the journey.

My mentor teacher is Laura Gibbs and our learning course is online:  Summer2020 Blogging Fest.

I’m restarting that blog for this purpose, and hopefully for a continued idea about a community of bloggers. More on that later.

I’m excited to learn more about blogger– I’ve had experience with many blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs, Kidblogs, Tumblr, Posterous [expired]. However, I’m really still a beginner with making the platform be what I want, and that is not always an easy thing– many platforms dictate the format, but Blogger offers some choices.

There will be some thorns in the process of planting ideas, but step by step, I’ll be able to mix new ideas with old and develop a plan for a project.

Today I tried a few themes — the thing about Blogger and WordPress, is that there are choices to play with, and that is creative fun!  Laura saw this one, so I kept returned to it for now:

Laura Gibbs@OnlineCrsLady

another blog for … the way @grammasheri set this one up with her domain name is really cool: https://www.sheri42.org … and such a nifty use of the Blogger “dynamic” template as a website with pages/links as a top menu bar. … I’ve added it to the network!

screenshot of blog homepage
See Laura Gibbs’s other Tweets

Let’s get started, and follow us on Twitter at  #Summer2020BlogFest 


Note: I’m not leaving EduBlogs — they are the best platform for teachers and students with the best support. I’m just learning another platform for a non-profit with which I am working.