Day 53 Together

Today, I created this. I feel strongly that humanity must fight for each other. Everyone must be safe. The world can change for the better without returning to the “norms” of yesterday, which have been tossed out by politics and disease.

I really believe we are interconnected, dependent on one another, and able to support each other. It’s like Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

I do not want to harm or cause harm to others. There are humane solutions to work out, such as making workplaces truly safe for workers before we ask them to return or stop our practice of staying home to protect all of us.


What’s your message?

Create a slogan and piece of art to share.

It doesn’t need to be perfect — look at mine — round faces, funny eyes, silly hair, off bodies. It’s not perfect, but the message is there.

You can try. You can do it.