Day 52 Sketching Strategies

Today: Art

I took a ProCreate class from Brooke Glaser on Skillshare today.

First we drew something upside down without thinking about what the lines were. I choose a chickadee.

Remember — I had a sketch from someone else, turned upside down and tried to draw from that sketch. That was much more fun than I thought, and totally freed up my mind to just draw what I saw.

Next, drawing by shapes provided another strategy.  You can see the shapes of the quail photo I used as a reference in my sketch:

The most fun and most accurate for me was to find a reference photo and use a grid to create my own image. I used a photo on Pixabay by Nature-Pix.

Dots are created to note boundaries and then the sketch is drawn. I saved the drawing and imported into a new document to refine the sketch and change it up a bit, adding color, shading, highlights, and shadow.  I tried to get the shadow distorted and fading in spots on the water.

How about it?  Give it a try using paper or an app.  Share it here. We are all learning!