Day 29 Find a Way

Unique vases / flowers to find a way through

Find a Way

Find a way

To brighten your day

Perhaps fill a vase

With unique shapes

Of plants so diverse,

As us, in the universe

All of us around the world struggle with these uncertain times.  Each day the sun rises and we move through the day as best we can– we find a way, find a way through. That’s important: to know that we can, each day, choose to fill our minds and hearts with hope.

I do have a few planters around the house with plants to care for. I’ve even brought in clover from the yard– actually wood sorrel, so I can enjoy it’s lovely clover shape, opening and closing as they day passes. Little things– each of us, diverse as we are, have little things we can do while sheltering in place and remaining physically distant:

  • sing
  • doodle
  • comics
  • games
  • invent games and skits
  • meditate
  • write a new ending to a movie
  • call or text friends
  • check in on others by phone or text
  • organize drawers
  • put something new in the window
  • write a letter

I draw and write poetry, watch and read mysteries, and blog. It keeps me grounded and looking forward to a time I can share in person. We moved a little table and chairs to the front yard so we can sit and wave and chat with neighbors during their strolls, staying distant, of course. It also serves as a holder for a tripod to watch the local pair of ospreys who return each March to start a new family. Fred and Ethyl have returned here for five years, returning the same day on most of those years.

Photo of Fred or Ethyl
by Scott Hunter

If I lived in an apartment, I’d probably put different signs on  the door each day to greet my neighbors. I read somewhere that an apartment building started an online wiki [I think] to check in on each other, order and deliver groceries, build a community of support.

Today’s poem, I hope, inspires you to find a way to ease your mind and help your community, in all its diversity and struggles, to find a way through together. And that’s my prompt today:


Find a Way — share a way that helps you through these days.

Perhaps create a song, a poem, a drawing to help others think of their own way.  Perhaps create funny images or a silly joke poem like yesterday’s post / poem– a solage.  Here’s one about those of us with allergies, who try a walk for relaxing, but, you know– sneeze!

walking in nature to eliminate world bother: but sneeze!

A walk by the softly rushing water

Relieves the mind of the world’s bother:



For resources to help with anxiety over uncertainty and “sheltering in place,” I looked for positive and relevant organizations, such KQED, Common Sense Education, and Washington State’s covid pages.  I hope these help you.

Tips from the Video Description– from psychologist Natalie Todd, Clinical Director of the Child and Adolescent Mood and Anxiety Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco.

  • Establish a routine: make a schedule for the basics and for connecting with friends
  • Reach out to people: Use technology to connect with family, friends, neighbors
  • Limit the time reading the news: Once a day is enough
  • Stretch yourself a bit: Learn something new, now that you have the time!

Coping With Uncertainty: Resources for You
Coping with stress due to the coronavirus via the CDC…
Mental health coping strategies via the National Alliance on Mental Illness…

About this post:

Be safe out there. Find ways to help yourself, your family, and others keep going! We can do this together!

April is time for NaPoWriMo — National Poetry Writing Monthtry a bit of poetry and art to encourage others to be safe with each other. Something short. Something inclusive. Something of spring and hope. #NaPoWriMo/#GloPoWriMo

The Academy of Poets encourages us to write #shelterinpoems. Get some ideas there and share your own.

Tons of information can be found at Poets.orgNational Poetry Month and here: Virtual Programs.

National Council of Teachers of English also offers suggestions here.