Daily Doodles

Daily Doodles

One thing I enjoy is doodling daily. And over time, I’m getting better at a couple things:

  • finding basic shapes in things
  • creating patterns for texture and shapes
  • drawing creatures
  • imagining ideas in simpler ways for context
  • building my muscle memory

Apparently, sketching and drawing and the arts are great for boosting learning and memory:

Edutopia: The Science of Drawing and Memory

Many monthly challenges exist for prompts for doodling; I usually check CLmooc. And for this month, CLmooc and #writeout created prompts for getting outdoors.  My favorite so far was Oct 11: Fields [above].


And, for blogging, the doodles make great featured images and blogging topics.

Join in a doodle challenge today!

Today’s post is part of  #writeout sponsored by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service. The project is for everyone who loves to get outdoors and notice the stories of nature and the connections we humans have with that nature.  Learn more about the project here: NWP Writeout. There’s still time– started on 10/13 and is encouraged through 10/26— and please join in creating a Collaborative Haiku Book of Place—add an image and some short poetry by choosing a slide in this presentation and become a published poet with us!


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    • Ditto — love all the sharing on Twitter for #writeout — the collaborative poetry and slides, the chats and videos. A welcome agenda to choose as one can in the busy October. Kudos for your guidance and work on this. ~ Sheri

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