Favorite Tree

Favorite Tree: Our Sycamore

No matter the season,

No matter the millions

of matted leaves

still falling after the first snow,

No matter the prickly seeds

sticking into bare feet,

No matter the bark peeling

off into piles,

this sycamore

shares its grace

as seedballs

the cat bats around,

as bark the grandkids paint,

as leaves that inspire fairy stories,

as the gift of cool and shade

of its canopy allows us

the time outside

in blistering heat

now cooled, inside and out,

by this majestic tree;

we thank you.

Poetry, photos, video by Sheri Edwards; More sycamore photos here. Please note that it is also called an American Plane Tree.

This photography and poem is part of  #writeout sponsored by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service. The project is for everyone who loves to get outdoors and notice the stories of nature and the connections we humans have with that nature.  Learn more about the project here: NWP Writeout. There’s still time– started on 10/13 and is encouraged through 10/26— please join in!