8WeeksofSummer 2018 and 2019

Blogging is a habit of reflection and analysis. It helps sort out concepts and connections as educational bloggers write about current issues, their passions, and their classrooms [pedagogy, prompts, petunias]. Writing clarifies our purpose and ponderings; sharing provides an archive of our thoughts and often feedback from others.

A great way to encourage extension of ideas is to join a group of bloggers who write about similar topics. Each blogger is part of both the conversation and the audience, and each adds to the conversation, generating a wide variety of views.

Usually, there’s a hashtag involved for sharing. My frequent hashtag is #clmooc, as we stay connected throughout the year.

And, during the summer, there’s another hashtag just for education bloggers: #8weeksofsummer sponsored by Penny Christensen of HotLunchTray. Penny provides eight weeks of prompts for any blogger to join in. Last year, the prompts were: 8 Weeks of Summer 2018 — so you can get an idea of the possibilities. I participated for each prompt: Sheri’s Posts. Each person takes a different look at the prompt, and from each, the participants learn a bit about each other and perhaps some great strategies for the next year.

It’s a great way to share what you do, jumpstart your blogging again, and refresh from a year of teaching.

And, Penny is sponsoring the prompts again this year!  Take a look: 8 Weeks of Summer 2019. Check HotLunchTray.com June 9th and every Sunday until July 28th for prompts; participate each week and win a chance at an Amazon Gift Card.  Now that’s a good thing!

So, won’t you join in?

Once a week for eight weeks — that’s doable and worth the time writing.  Would love to see what your ideas are!

Come on: Join in!