WriteOut CLmooc Trees

Cascade trees are dripping in lichens and moss. Rockport State Park, WA

Lichens and moss cover the trees in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains. The National Park Service provides this information, which provided these “found poems:”


life forms

enclose both;

many believe

the ability to create


play roles acting as


and survive

covered with rich diversity

which is the beauty after;

flying material

are essential in forest parks.



Composite life

created when

such a relationship

should benefit:



but are vulnerable;

play symbiotic partners of

something to the other:

independently the cover;

They are scattered out

like green tree material,

essential fixers to park


I’m not sure my “found poetry” creates a mood or tone that fits, yet the words have some resonance that connects people, parks, and the life forms of the forest.

Photos and Doodle by Sheri

This post is part of the 2018 Summer #WriteOut in places, parks, poetry, and doodles with #Clmooc. Learn more at CLmooc blog and National Writing Project / National Park Service WriteOut