iPhone Edublogs post

Testing my Edublogs with iPhone

Reflective Writing Club blogger is trying out blogging using her android phone. Many people use their smartphones for everything, so…

I wondered if I could post using my iPhone. Right now I am typing using the microphone on my iPhone keypad. Works pretty good. Actually, it’s awesome. 

Create / Edit in your Browser

Use the browser on your iPhone, not the app, to login to your Edublogs account and create or edit your post.


I was able to upload a video and type my post easily. This is pretty awesome for on-the-go blogging. However, when you just upload your videos directly from your photos on your iPhone then the inserted video from your media file is only a link and clicking the link activates a download; I’m not pleased with that.

So instead…

I was able to upload to YouTube the video from my photo app on my iPhone to get a YouTube link to paste directly into my blog so it is visible and playable in the post.

Of course for any video and audio there’s always a wait time for the upload.

Just paste the link on its own line.


I did record an audio in TwistedWave app. I uploaded it into my Google drive and then enabled share the link, which I copied. Then I used insert media from URL in order to insert it into this post– again, this will activate a download.

I removed that link and–

INSTEAD, do this:

Just upload the TwistedWave recording from my iPhone files. That would save uploading to Google drive.

Well. That was awesome. I just saved the TwistedWave recording to my iCloud drive on my iPhone. Then, when I inserted media, I was able to browse to that iCloud file and upload it into my Edublogs.org library. And when I “insert into post,” it inserted it as an audio file ready to play right in the blog post. So you do not need to upload audio to Google drive. Just use the TwistedWave app [or other app] to save it to your iCloud drive so you can directly upload to Edublogs. Awesome.

Audio: Podcast

How about a podcast app? I had started years ago an IPadio  account. So I logged in to that account on my iPhone web browser to get the embed code for an episode of which there is only one. I chose “insert media” to insert the podcast via embed code to see if it embedded into the post.

And it works! Unless you use Safari— because it’s Flash! It will still work in the desktop browser but must be clicked twice to approve Flash. [It won’t work in Safari on your iPhone] So check the app you choose and stay away from Flash embedding.

I could use TwistedWave for podcasting, or let’s try Podbean, an app I record on my iPhone. However, I could not find a way to capture the embed code on my iPhone — I had to go to the link on my desktop to copy the embed code. It is easy to use [directions].

This is the Podbean podcast from my post, Blogging’s 4C’s.

Other podcasting iPad apps are discussed in this article on ipadable.

Now when I started that iPadio podcast years ago I was still feeling unsure and thinking that I didn’t know much anyone would want to listen to. However in the webinar this morning for Reflective Writing Club we learned about the pedagogy of Twitter.  During that webinar Sandra Haynes shared her social media policy and how she uses Twitter in her community college course. And she laughed as everyone was amazed at what she was doing because she thought everyone was doing that.

So it just shows us that each of us has something of value to share that someone else can learn from. That’s why it’s important to learn the technology and just get started. Just think what I could have been sharing had I just realized that one little item that I share might help someone else -so don’t be shy. Just get started.

And this little test post shows that you can do it all from an iPhone or other smart phone.

Note: I am still using my microphone to type this. I do need to state “period” at the end of the sentence to punctuate.

And that’s my experience with posting via my iPhone. I did need to close the page and navigate again to my post to edit it because I couldn’t access the upload media button. But that’s I think a glitch in the iPhone and me. 🙂

I also saved my draft frequently even though Edublogs.org autosaves. I just feel like saving my draft frequently is a good strategy. I also save my draft just before I publish it.

So in your Safari browser you can easily create edit and post with media to your Edublogs blog. Awesome.


Update: when I tried to edit a link so that it opens up in another page, I needed to turn my iPhone horizontal so that I could click the update link button. Just a little tip. 🙂

Note: I did come back later to add the info about Flash not working from my desktop computer and the info on Podbean.