Safari Dash

Networked Narratives Week 3 created a Safari adventure, supposed to last fifteen minutes before the Twitter Chat. These are nerve-wrecking like tests are to me, but I decided to take my time and enjoy it.

The Safari

Here’s what we did in this Safari Twitter Moment

Your first photo should be the current time when you start, tweet out a photo of a clock or any device with the current time.

I have no internet outside, so I ran outside and back in to post.

Safari 1:

Twitter Safari 1: You are not panicked. Show calmness, serenity in a photo. Or the opposite if you feel panic. Reply with your photo and tell us how calm you are.

Of course: The Buddha:

calm as breathing with Buddha

Safari 2:

Take a photo dominated by a single color. Reply with your photo and tell us what that color communicates? What is it’s tone? What do any other colors say?

in life’s winter there is hope for a spring


Safari 3:

Take a photo of your shadow. Like your presence online, it is seen, but perhaps quite different from you. Reply with your photo and what does your shadow say that you do not?

live long and prosper



Safari 4:

Take a photo of something at an unusual angle. Change your position. Get low on the ground. Or get up high and look down. Or do a crazy angle. Reply with your photo and how the angle changes the meaning of what you see.

oh. Cougar. My grandkids loved this. Imagine being this close.


Safari 5:

Take a photo of something that is the tracks of another person, something they left behind that we can read, just like the web does of you. Reply with your photo and what it says about the person we cannot see.

found in the planter. A surprise


Safari 6:

Take a photo of two things that do not belong together. Reply with your photo and what it means to juxtapose things and ideas.

don’t belong but carrots are a good snack while watching


Safari 7:

Take a photo representing something not at all digital. Something human, something machines, technology cannot do. Reply with your photo and say how it asserts our humanness.

Leave love

Safari 8:

BOOM! The #netnarr Twitter Safari is over. Reply with a photo of the current time and how much fun this was (or wasn’t)

Safari completed. No internet outside so I had to run in and out. 🙂

That was awesome fun. My favorite Safari response is this one—

I rather feel like that these days: shades of brown disillusionment with the political world, but hopeful when the blue sky shines down on me.

The Chat

After the Safari, our tweeting leaders led us in a Twitter Chat. — on Digital Art.

My favorite idea is this:

And the access to information makes it possible as this tweet shows:

With a smart phone in hand, access is available for free lessons, communities, apps for art, and publication. That’s pretty awesome

The Possibilities

The opportunities are there — we just need to make sure access is: we need, I think, our libraries to become community centers, hubs for learning, connecting, creating, and sharing.

What do you think?