One Word

One Word. Story.

We humans are stories, each of us unique and different, living out our lives according to our plans and obstacles, making life work as best we can.

The year 2017 brought immense changes to the country in which I live, the United States. Differences have been exaggerated and emphasized, yet, those things seem to dissipate when the differences are about our neighbors, when we know the person and we acknowledge and accept them as they do us.

As a child, my mom would say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” And of course, she would always remind us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” My mom was patient with others — she knew that each had a story, and she would often imagine what that story in that moment might be. She would wonder aloud and make us think so we that my brother and I could understand something that we might not. So if she pulled us away from a customer yelling at the clerk, she would say, “Maybe that man’s wife is very sick and he needed that item to work better for her. Maybe he could say it nicer, but he’s frustrated now.”

Everyone has a story.  Everyone is a story. Who we are is a result of the moments of each day, stories of successes and obstacles and relationships throughout our lives.

We are, at once, imperfect and worthy, while growing in our stories.

Our stories intertwine, weaving the tapestry of humanity.

Share and learn our stories to understand and celebrate all of us.


That’s my word. I want to be as understood as well as to understand. I’m tired of the division and animosity, because I know, if I know others’ stories, and they know mine, that we can work together to make our families, communities,states, and countries better, together, again. One, from many. E Pluribus Unum. That is our story.

Story. One Word. Much to learn.



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