notatiste17 June 24 Passion

What I love about blogging and tweeting in education is the connections and learning and support. We, as connected educators, know the importance of connecting kindly to learn together to better the world.

I wasn’t going to #notatiste17 this year, but Peggy George kept posting, Classroom Live kept promoting, and my Twitter stream was filled with ISTE goers, so what is there to do?

I’ve got friends not going but we know who is going– we can join in the fun and learning through #notatiste17 like this:


The link takes you to a great How To by the ever encouraging Sue Waters of Edublogs. I started checking in at Notatiste17 Google Plus community and their How To, which taught me, with the help of tutorials by the awesome Vicky Sedgwick, to create an avatar

build a badge


and create a new ribbon for #notatiste17

I really wanted it to say:

Go boldly, Connect Kindly, Share Fairly, Learn Together.

A little too much, but isn’t that what we do, and what we teach our students?  YES!

So where was I going to place all this? I needed to update my What Else website [this one]. I spent the day looking for a responsive theme. I could not find one that would “choose the first image” instead of expect a “featured image.” Those of us who have been blogging a while haven’t always used that feature, so the new themes look blank, bland, grey without a featured image. But I chose Magazine Basic, and it’s working out well.

I truly appreciate Edublogs and have recently shared this great post on commenting to several newbie bloggers.

As you can see, I’m seriously excited to have joined my PLN, my personal learning network, to enjoy a few days of fun and professional development that feels like play.

I’ve still got to check out Peggy George’s NotatIste17 Livebinder and add my info to the shared Slides 2017 Badges. I need to check out the challenges [got the ribbon done!].

I hope to share back as I learn from all the above, and this great update of the fabulous tech sharing of by Wesley Fryer


Now use the links in this post and do one thing — learn something new or make a new connection — for #notatiste17. Then come back here to share your excitement. I would love to hear about it.

Let’s here it for #notatiste17 and educator passion!


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  1. Hi Sheri

    Glad you’ve found my NotAtISTE post helpful and thanks for sharing the post on commenting! I’ve added a link to your post in my post on The Edublogger.

    Pulling the first image from a post is a feature of the original responsive themes so it is only something you will find in the older responsive theme designs. Most of the newer responsive themes rely on a featured image being set on the post as this allows the blogger to control what image is displayed.

    I’m still a bit old school and use full posts on my personal blog so don’t need to worry about setting the featured image.

    Sue Waters

    • Hi Sue, I used to be “Old School,” but now I like the snippet posts because it gives the reader a better choice to sample what’s there.I’m starting to use the featured image now, so soon it won’t be an issue. Thanks for the tip on Twitter about the plugin “lightbox.” That is so sweet! The images just pop right up for the viewer. Love it. Thanks for all you do– you’ve encouraged millions to blog! ~Sheri

      • Hi Sheri, glad my tip about the lightbox plugin helped! You’ll be pleased to know I reflected on our discussion and changed my posts to excerpts. Which was also good for our users because I used the Advanced Settings plugin and got one of the developers to make some changes to how it worked so it displayed better. I didn’t want to change my theme as I am mostly happy with it.

        Hardest bit is I wanted to use custom excerpts so needed to add the excerpts and featured images to the most recent posts –

        – Sue

        • Awesome Sue. I know, I’m just going to work with my current posts. Besides, they are the ones that display. It’s hard to keep up with things, but so glad for Edublogs. I’m hoping many of the teachers in the JumpStart course begin to use Edublogs this fall with their students.

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