#clmooc #digilit Sunday A Walk in Public Places

 A Walk in Public Places:
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Our side of town was once owned and maintained by the government during the building of Grand Coulee Dam, and our town benefits from that infrastructure and foresight. Parts are still maintained by the city. It’s a lovely neighborhood.
How different is this walk than yours? than my students? than your students?
What is the same?
What are some benefits to the public areas in your neighborhood?
What issues are there?
What values are shown by the public areas?
How do people and governments care for these areas?
What norms would make these areas accessible and welcoming to everyone?
Would you be willing to accept norms and accept responsibility for helping care for public spaces?
Question to ponder…. what’s your walk? what’s your take?
What tool would you use to create a walk of your public spaces, and help begin a discussion that promotes and enhances those areas?

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  1. We have a free little library right across the street that a neighbor put in last year (or so) and I love everything about it .. not just perusing and donating books … but the whole sense of community practice that goes on when we have that little lending library — an old birdhouse, as it turns out — in play in our neighborhood.

    • The neighbor across the street is building a free little library, and I have many books to donate as needed. I do think it builds community, and is a great way to get kids into books. I’m looking forward to when it’s installed.

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