#clmooc You Connect Us 2 Learn and Share



John Dewey

From Page 32 of Connected Learning

August 2, 2013

Final Make for #clmooc

Thank you

Connected Learning

National Writing Project

Everyone and All of Us in #clmooc

for helping us make

~ to be doing ~

to find out what the learning world is like

while your instruction

in the “undergoing”

helped participants

discover the connection of things:

teaching, learning, living, connecting, sharing


Thank you



on “#clmooc You Connect Us 2 Learn and Share
3 Comments on “#clmooc You Connect Us 2 Learn and Share
  1. I hope that you realize that you are also thanking yourself, a most deserved thanks since it is you who helped make #clmooc unique. I ask myself, “What would this collaboration have been like without Sheri Edwards?” As Vicini says in The Princess Bride, “Inconceivable.” And while he may not have really understood what that word means, I surely do. Thanks for being our Dewey for now and for always.

    • Susan and Terry, Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m looking forward for our next connected learning venture, wherever that is. I’ve got both of you in my CLMOOC PLN twitter list and also follow Dogtrax CLMOOC so here we go… hop aboard the beyond clmooc express!

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