Inspiring Writers

Quad Blogging Format

We’ve been on a fantastic journey this year. Part of that journey has truly inspired us: Quad Blogging! We are a team of four schools, with one school taking the lead in posting for the week, and the other classes commenting on their focus. Then the next school takes the lead, and the others comment.

We have been honored to work with three fantastic schools — with terrific teachers and sensationally creative students!

The four teams are:

Brigantine Middle School, New Jersey, USA

Humphry Davy School, Penzance, Cornwall, England.

Shorecrest Preparatory School, St Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Nespelem School, Washington District, USA.

I would like to thank our team members for sharing such creative topics — our students have been totally engaged, and have asked to use their ideas in our writing lessons.  Let me share what has encouraged our writers:


 Anti-Bullying Comic Strips

Brigantine North Middle School in Brigantine, NJ.

Ms. Ruthann Meyer’s students studied bullying prevention and taught us how to prevent bullying and how to help victims by creating comics at Bitstrips. Our students decided we needed to learn more, and we should create our own. That’s what we are working on now. Thank you, Ms Meyer and students, for teaching us, and providing us with a new writing project that will help our school, and allow us to help others.


Word Clouds

Humphry Davy School, Penzance, Cornwall, England

Year 7 students and their teacher Mrs. Rawlings at Humphry Davy School taught us about Word Clouds and helped us to learn more about each other. Students input aspects of their lives to create word clouds of their personalities — we called them Wordalities.  We started in Google Docs, and input into the Wordle. When we started our Veterans Day writing, two students, Rista and Kimy, created another wordle project and asked students to join in. We wrote our Veterans Paragraph (a contest sponsored by the Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary) and input them into Wordle, which we then placed into a Google Presentation with the essays as a tribute to honor all veterans. You can see it here in our Veterans Day post.


Magic !

Shorecrest Preparatory School, St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Seventh grade English teacher, Amy Cobb, and her students provided a fun and creative writing assignment for us in their blog post, Strange and Magical. Students wrote about the usual objects that were actually magical, according to their imaginations! Amy is also our leader in Quad Blogging; she keeps us inspired and motivated.


 Inspiring Writers and Digital Citizenship

Thank you, Mrs. Rawlings, Mrs. Cobb, and Ms. Meyer, and all the students for helping us become better readers, writers, and digital citizens. We are proud to be part of this team. And since this is Thanksgiving week, we thank you!

If you want to inspire students, join next year’s Quad Blogging!  Will you?