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Pencil Tech for Writing


One of my students’ favorite activities is power writing.  Here’s the basics:

Power Writing for Fluency

After each power writing timed session, I ask students "Please stand if you have written ten or more words... 20 or more words..." etc.
They love showing how much they can write. Power writing builds writing fluency, getting the ideas from thoughts through the fingers and into the pencil and out on paper!  Whew!


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3 Comments on “Pencil Tech for Writing
  1. We write in our journals everyday. Even when we aren’t power writing, the fifth and sixth grades students always want to count and share the number of words they have written. It’s so powerful to know you can write good ideas quickly.

  2. Thank you for sharing this creative idea! I am in the process of teaching my students how to write a descriptive paragraph. I know they will enjoy this.

    P.S.Thanks for sharing your Creative Commons page link on my blog. I’ve added your page to my list.

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