Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

Jackie Gerstein at UsergeneratedEducation pushes us constantly to think through the educational mandates and silver bullets to focus on students and their learning. What will best guide students to become thinking, caring, productive persons? The first thirty-eight slides of her presentation Continue reading Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

#clmooc #geniushour #makerfaire Inspired by 82nd and Fifth Museum Art

Have you been participating in MakerFaire, Connected Learning [#clmooc ], or Digital Storytelling DS106? Has your school embraced #geniushour ? All of these deal with our passions, interests, and sense of community. We love to create things from our interests Continue reading #clmooc #geniushour #makerfaire Inspired by 82nd and Fifth Museum Art

Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp

“Writing is hard fun.” Donald Murray Throughout the last century, writing instruction has evolved from basic handwriting to five-paragraph-essays to writing workshop to writing process to digital writing with media. Writing teachers build on the work of James Moffett, Jerome Continue reading Writing: Collaborative Learning #clmooc #makecomp