About Text Widgets

a text widget, a text box in which you can add text, links, or even code to add information and interest to your blog’s appearance Continue reading About Text Widgets

Yarn Over

I learned through a little struggle to crochet my way because my mom found a way to help me figure it out without both of us getting frustrated. And that’s what teachers do. Continue reading Yarn Over

New Year Doodle Stretch

What process do you use to start your 150 word challenge? I usually start by heading to my sidebar with the widget for #modigiwri participants so I can read and comment on their wonderful words to get an inspiration if Continue reading New Year Doodle Stretch

Stories are Frames

  Yesterday I chose my One Word: Story. Everyone has a story. Today, I discovered my friend Helen DeWaard’s One Word: Frames. Frames structure our ideas– they can limit us, support us, or enrich us. Our frames structure our stories Continue reading Stories are Frames

#140WC Welcome Challenge #clmooc #etmooc

A Challenge On November 10th, 2014 I made a commitment to myself and invited others to join — teachers, students, bloggers. The commitment? Write 140 words each day — 140 words more or less — but write — blog — Continue reading #140WC Welcome Challenge #clmooc #etmooc

A Small Voice Gets An Answer

      One Does What One Can A Small Voice is Answered Our dog loves this walk in the park below the transmission lines. She checks every message left by every other creature that walks here. And the scrubby Continue reading A Small Voice Gets An Answer

#clmooc Make Log List Reflection

Reflections and Connections #clmooc             Make Cycle 1 Make Log Questions from our Reflections and Connections suggestions: What I’ve Made So Far What did you learn from what you’ve already made? What makes inspired you to Continue reading #clmooc Make Log List Reflection