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Today’s challenge for #blogging28 is to update a blog post, which I did two days ago and referred to that update in the post Blog Images.

On that post is a comment from Denise about a way to merge images in Google Slides. I’ve done this before, and it works great. She shared Richard Byrne’s video how to:

So, I updated that blog post to include information about that video. Thanks Denise and Richard!

I also created and added the above resource image as a nifty reminder of what to consider when using images: use your own or those labeled for reuse or remix; follow copyright laws.

Whenever I see a student inserting an image, and the student notices me noticing, the student says, “I checked the license; I can use it.” This is one area I drilled into my students. Image use and plagiarism.

Note: ] I created this image in Sketchbook as a reminder of the ideas and resources for using images. I created the links at bitly.com and the qr codes at the-qr-code generator. I may create a pdf of this so I can make the links active; I should be able to do this in Preview. I’ll update when I know.

So take a look again that the blog post and let’s get serious about our creative and critical use of our resources and images.

This post Day 22 the #blogging28 challenge by Edublogs, thanks to Denise’s tweet


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