Connected Learners #ce14 #clmooc #DigiLit Sunday

Connections.  Everywhere. A network of sharing and growing. That’s what being a connected learner is.  My connection with #clmooc has expanded my focus from one classroom and one teacher, to a networked community from which I can give just as Continue reading Connected Learners #ce14 #clmooc #DigiLit Sunday

#DigiLit Sunday Essentials #ce14 #ccss

DigiLit Sunday is a Sunday post on literacy, an invitation by Margaret Simon, to share literacy strategies and tools for the classroom. This week’s list of bloggers: Sunday, October 12, 2014. DigiLit Sunday  this week is a review of what is essential.  Continue reading #DigiLit Sunday Essentials #ce14 #ccss

#DigiLit Sunday Google Slides, Wordle, Veterans Day

My favorite presentation tool: Google Slides. First of all, it has really advanced since the time my students created the project I will share. Take a look at this Parent Night Slideshow. Google Slides has transitions, animations, and themes to Continue reading #DigiLit Sunday Google Slides, Wordle, Veterans Day