World Webinars

Teacher Challenge 8

Today’s connected world offers us the opportunity to join with others to teach or share, listen and learn about the pedagogy, strategies, and tools that engage learners towards personal progress.

Four areas online have provided me with the confidence and resources to try new strategies and use new tools in my classroom.  These presentations not only teach strategies and demonstrate new tools, but also establish connections during the chat sessions. Through a combination of presentation and interaction, participants in the chat consider options for their classrooms, suggest projects with others in the chat, and share Twitter/email to make further connections.

Try these to build your knowledge and your PLN. The people involved in each of these sites are dynamic, creative, and inspirational. In addition, they welcome newcomers with open arms, and encourage everyone.

Classroom 2.0 Live:

CR20 Webinars: Except July, every Saturday at 9:00 AM Pacific and
Join the Ning and Saturday sessions to learn new social media tools.
Steve Hargadon
Peggy George, Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini:
This is my Saturdays; I learned Diigo, Wikis, VoiceThread, and many more here.

Teachers First
Candace Hackett Shively
TeachersFirst website reviews tools with lessons and suggestions to make them work — a terrific resource for any teacher. In addition, resources for each month provide teachers with engaging and relevant ideas for immediate use in the classroom.
OK2Learn provides session how-tos to learn specific tools, such as Wikis, word-clouds, Smilebox.
I go here first to search for ideas and technology that fits my needs — with the suggestions for successful implementation.

The Australia Series
Tech Talk Tuesdays
Educators Guide to Innovation
Anne Mirtschin
The website ning shares the schedule for sessions during the Australian school year as well as the collaborative nature of a ning.
Tech Talk Tuesdays (11:00 PM Pacific) engages participants in sharing how to apply tools through presentation and participant sharing. Teachers share and present the use of the tools, asking participants to add.
In Tech Talk Tuesdays I learned about Google Plus.

Ed Tech Talk
Teachers Teaching Teachers
Paul Allison
Ed Tech Talk is a “Collaborative Open Webcasting Community” where teachers talk through and plan resources for their classes.
It is here I discovered a student blogging and sharing site: Youth Voices  It is free to sign up your classes to connect with other students.
To be a part of world webinars — please check out each of these: they will become your friends online and enlarge your world in relevant ways to improve teaching and learning. Just keep making those connections! That’s what it’s all about!  What are your experiences with such online learning sessions?

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  1. Thanks Sheri for sharing all of these! Having a list of what and when is very helpful. Plus, I appreciate that I can access them from anywhere. I will share this via Diigo.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks, Tracie. Another place to find webinars on topics of interest to particular needs is You can even sign up to present to others– a free limited version or through Elluminate (Blackboard). I have found reading webinars and Google Apps webinars for my interest area. It is related to Classroom 20.

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