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Image Imagination


How do I use images in my blog?

  1. Attention: Hook the reader
  2. Connect: Connect the ideas with a visual
  3. Explain: Clarify blog ideas with an image
  4. Share: Demonstrate with ideas, events, examples
  5. Humor: Create Metaphors for the muse
  6. Conclude: Summarize with a graphic or picture

Although this is my class blog, I have other blogs for different purposes:

What Else 2 Learn: Lessons, Lesson Ideas, Educational Slideshares for educators and families; images to connect, explain, share

AskWhatElse: Seeing is believing — a visual look into our classroom for family and class friends; images for attention and connecting

Ms Edwards: A bi-weekly newsletter on writing class for family; images connect, explain, share.

Pause2Play: A reflective blog on educational issues and pedagogy; images to connect, explain, share

WhatElse1DR: A classroom reflection; images to explain and share

One of my favorite image creators is Snagit for Mac or Windows.  Snag a screen shot, import to the editor and create visuals for your blog. Below is a Snagit from a screenshot of a MindNode web. In the Pause2Play link, images were created to show the idea sheets for students to use.

That’s the trick about images: purpose, clarity, communication.  My students in writing class choose images that match their writing ideas; it’s always their idea to add them. Then those students teach the rest of the class. It’s amazing how exact they can be, and how they can find images that work using Creative Commons.

I think its important to use images with students, to show them that sometimes it’s the words and sometimes it’s the image that focuses the reader on the meaning. Click below to see the poem on a picture from PicLit (directions at WhatElse2Learn).

PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

Did you know that the WikiMedia Commons site provides all the attribution you need?  Just click “use this file on the web” and up pops what is needed. I just created a Pics 4 Projects page for my students; the science teacher needed creative commons pictures for her class computer work. We expect attribution for all images at all ages.

Block Letter T letter E X T

So, how do you teach image use with your students?

Response to Challenge 5

Photo Credits:

Puzzle Piece:  By إبن البيطار (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

TEXT: from Flickr Spell


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2 Comments on “Image Imagination
  1. Hi Ms Edwards

    I am amazed at how many blogs you are writing! How do you manage to find the time to keep up with all of your writing?

    I have a quote from an Australian illustrator that you might like – “Words are for people who can’t read the pictures”. It might be something for you to discuss with your students.

    • Kim,

      Thanks for the great quote! We’ll definitely tackle that conversation! Do you remember the author’s name?

      This year, I have established a schedule (which I don’t always keep), and my phone alarm beeps at me until I get it done. But each blog has a different purpose, and I only write monthly on most of them. They are part of my life; while other people have hobbies like bowling or watching movies, I instead add a blog. 🙂

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