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Small Universe: My Hub

I’m still getting a handle on this #etmooc. And I think I’ve got it. If you are still unsure, just watch the video at The Clever Sheep by Rodd Lucier. He discusses the hub of our #etmooc.

So, I translated / remixed that info into my own vlog:




Lyrics: Natural Science by Rush


Larger Universe: More Hubs


But, what does that mean? I connect with an idea, then I send it out to others. Here’s my first shot: I attended the Intro Webinar Monday, Jan 21, 2013 with Alec Couros to discover the historical timeline of connected learning.  Of course, we’ve always been connected, just not instantly and to so many and at any time. He asked for reflections on a few questions, or our own, and I chose these to send out to middle level colleagues:

  • How important is connected learning? Why?
  • Is it possible for our classrooms to support this kind of learning? If so, how?
  • What skills and literacies are necessary for connected learning?
  • How do we develop these?

I’ve already sent these to my friend, Denise Krebs, in a comment on my blog, and will also ask for ideas from several other middle level educators I’ve met, sending out rhizomes into their hubs. Together, perhaps we can begin the journey of bringing connected learning to our students while we continue to learn connectedly ourselves. We can reflect and blog, connected our blogs together into a community as a model for our students. My next post will be my own first draft thoughts on these questions.

If you are a middle level educator, will you join us?