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2013-Participant-Square-Button#nablopomo #nablopomoed  Blog A Day  23 Time for…

…writing. It’s 3:42 PM. I’ve been working on my novel since noon, and should have started at 9:00 am.  I’m behind, but not really. I’m 39,455 words into the 50,000 required by November 30th for National Novel Writing Month #NaNoWriMo. Really, I’ve already met my count for the day, but weekends are my main writing times, since teaching demands so much time and energy. For those of you not in education, a teacher’s day does not end at 3:00 PM.  So on the weekends I’m building a world, I’m writing it into existence. It wasn’t here before, and now it is. Each letter, each word adds another dimension to my character, the setting, the action, the mystery. It just flows out and meets with what was written before and lays the path towards the future. It fits. That’s the creative process in action. I would have thought before my first NaNoWriMo that I needed an outline, a draft of a play, some prewriting, but that isn’t true. A kernel of an idea, a what if or perhaps a sentence from your imagination begins the journey. If you believe in it, your kernel, your nugget of a sentence, then your world will pop out and expand into a connected and deep story. If you believe it, and place yourself into your new world, all you need to do is start to tell it, to show in words what your mind envisions, one word, one incident, one character at a time until the story is told. Next November, try it. You will never teach writing the same again.

… a movie.  My husband will arrive home later this evening; he’s already warned me that a movie break is in order. Hopefully we can find something we like. A drama with suspense and mystery. That’s my preference.

What do you have time for today?


PLN Challenge: Building Steps

teacherchallenge-1mhy8u5What type of PLN do I have?

My PLN are a) educators who apply technology with their students in ways that jumpstart kids into their futures and b) educators learning to do this.

How do I learn from and share with my PLN?
How do I add new tools?

I read and respond to tweets and blogs and research from tweets and blogs so I can also move in that direction. I also attend challenges and webinars to learn and use new tools and resources. I use Diigo to capture, highlight, and annotate important tools and strategies that I could adapt in my classroom.

I’ve mentioned my favorite learning places and webinars here:

3 Easy Ways to Transform Edu

and how I organize this here:

How Do I Organize my learning?

I’ve decided to also participate in Mondays, 7:00 PM Eastern, #engchat on Twitter.

Four more sources I can share:
a) PBS LearningMedia.org (standards-related resources–new)
b) Edutopia.org (blogs, resources)

c) ASCD Edge Community

d) NCTE  Connected Community

When do I learn and share PLN activities?
CR20 Webinars: Except July, every Saturday at 9:00 AM Pacific

How do I keep going?
Once a day during the week, I check in for 10-20 minutes, learning and sharing– bookmarking, retweeting, blogging, commenting. One or two days a week, I spend an hour learning new tools — and trying them with my students during the school year.

My kids are grown, so my husband and I enjoy our computer research and work together.

It still can be overwhelming, and so it is important to remember, “One does what what can.” So set a goal to try one new tool or strategy each semester. If you do more — great, but at least you’ll have one good area to share about on your blog each semester so someone else can learn from your experience. That’s what the goal I will set this year, and ask my peers to join me.

Thank you

For me, I thank all those from whom I have learned: thanks for sharing — you educators (many I have thanked in my posts) have inspired me — so I keep trying. My PLN became an extension of my family — relatives far away connected through technology. I look forward to each connection.

Are you feeling that way too?