CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts: We are curious and exploring on our own to find meaning in our worlds Continue reading CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

Curation: A Side Note

An important part of curation is to share the information in annotated form so others can discuss and add to the information. But what if the “curation” in your “stream” is misinformation? And it’s in your Echo Chamber? Continue reading Curation: A Side Note

WriteOut CLmooc Haiku

During our #writeout twitter chat [archives], we were asked to choose a photo from the #writeout photo feed and write a haiku. The haiku are archived here. I choose Sarah Honeychurch’s Shetland Isles photo because the haiku just wrote itself: Continue reading WriteOut CLmooc Haiku