WriteOut CLmooc Brown

  Brown   Find them Wandering the parks, protecting all within people, creatures, habitat– Just look for the hat: Brown, Large-brimmed trimmed in dark brown leather hiding the sun deflecting the rain, worn by the ranger within the park’s domain, Continue reading WriteOut CLmooc Brown

WriteOut CLmooc Signpost 24

  Smokey horizon filters monuments from the past ancient mountains uplifted or volcanic just a wisp of blue haze stretched into a jagged line seen through the highway’s opening among blackened limbs on trunks now stakes that yell in dark Continue reading WriteOut CLmooc Signpost 24

WriteOut CLmooc Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks of Liberty Bell Peak in WA State on Highway 20 ONE Eons ago the land formed and eons later it rose and now I stand in awe Of a timeline unimaginably vast Gleaming in this golden hue slipping Continue reading WriteOut CLmooc Twin Peaks

WriteOut CLmooc InfoMap

Geography and geology capture my imagination. Where others see bleak and boring sagebrush and rock, I see a slow history taking place now and in the past and I am amazed. Continue reading WriteOut CLmooc InfoMap

#writeout CLmooc Duck Pond

Manito Park is loved by the people of Spokane — and anyone who visits it. The park is well cared for by the community, including not feeding the ducks! What’s important to know about your park? Continue reading #writeout CLmooc Duck Pond