Happy Birthday CLmooc

Through play and collaboration, we understood the power of ideas shared in ever varied ways according to the best choice of presentation Continue reading Happy Birthday CLmooc

Writing Today #clmooc in the future

Writing. It’s thinking. It’s planning. It’s research. It’s design. It’s everything about being a digital learner, and more for connected learners. If you aren’t sure what that means, visit the National Writing Project’s Digital Is community,  DML’s Connected Learning site, Continue reading Writing Today #clmooc in the future

#clmooc #literacies chat by True Reformers

  What are we to do in this time of educational dysfunction, a dysfunction between authentic learning and mandated systems? +Terry Elliot asked us to respond to David Lee Finkle‘s article in the Washington Post “Teachers or ‘Quantitative Learning Gains Facilitators?’” Continue reading #clmooc #literacies chat by True Reformers