#clmooc #connectedlearning principles

A Reflection on My #CLMOOC Work Thanks to all for a marvelous, connected six weeks!  Why connected learning? Why digital learning?     Thanks to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sundays where educators share how they are using technology in Continue reading #clmooc #connectedlearning principles

#clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

Margaret Simon asks a question: Tapping Student Connections How do we tap into student interests and create online learning environments for them to connect to and learn from?  That is the question for DigLit Sunday bloggers from Margaret Simon.  And Continue reading #clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

#clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

Writing Hacking Defining Today, I celebrate conversation, and the continuing celebrations each day at #clmooc. In the Hangouts and chats, in our posts, we continue the conversation about writing and making and hacking. I keep thinking about the conversations about Continue reading #clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit