#notatiste17 People To Know

Connected Educators Learn and Share in their PLN Today’s #notatiste17 challenge is “Who is one person you continually learn from online?” If you are a connected educator, you couldn’t answer that with one person! If you are entering the connected Continue reading #notatiste17 People To Know

Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

Jackie Gerstein at UsergeneratedEducation pushes us constantly to think through the educational mandates and silver bullets to focus on students and their learning. What will best guide students to become thinking, caring, productive persons? The first thirty-eight slides of her presentation Continue reading Maker MIndset #clmooc #teachdonow

#clmooc Mindset to Mindwave

  MINDSETS  Growth Mindset: Embrace and Persist Fixed Mindset: Avoid and Give Up Carol Dweck’s advice [ via Jackie Gerstein’s Mozilla Popcorn ]: We are both. Accept the fixed, then talk back to that voice with a growth mindset. Mindset What? Continue reading #clmooc Mindset to Mindwave